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Welcome! My name is Candice Jane Langford, I am a qualified Physiotherapist with a special interest in Pelvic & Sexual Health as well as a sexual health and wellbeing educator. I started @nurtureyourvagina in an effort to empower followers through education, break down stigma & to normalise conversations around the so called ‘taboo’ topics in the pelvic health world, from this, the Nurture platform was born.I am passionate about changing the narrative about; Pee, Poo, PLEASURE, Pain & Periods…in this space, you can expect just that, open, honest & informative conversations. I want to addresses common concerns and start important conversations that are all too often ‘brushed under the rug’ (pun intended). I aim to do so in a light hearted and approachable manner where I encourage you to engage and interact as you journey through your own self discovery.In addition to addressing taboo on @nurtureyourvagina  you will also find exercise routines, self management advice, sex education snippets in IG stories (‘quickies’), pelvic floor dysfunction education, sexual & menstrual health information and updates on events and workshops.Here, on the Nurture Pelvic Health Website you will be able to access courses, webinars and products that will help guide you along your unique journey! My latest course “Pain to Pleasure”, designed for individuals with vaginismus or experiencing painful penetration is finally here!In my physiotherapy practice, I assess and treat symptoms and concerns relating to pelvic & sexual health for patients of all ages, spanning through various life stages from puberty through to post-menopause. I commit myself to offering a collaborative approach to care with my patients as we aim to work together to reach your unique goals.

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What is pelvic health physio 

A niche field of physiotherapy encompassing evaluation, treatment and education for individuals with concerns relating to the pelvic region, through the various life stages. 

Do i need a pelvic Physio?

Your pelvic region is deeply integrated into your daily activities and undoubtedly to your holistic health and quality of life. Pelvic function is essential through all life phases, from; potty training to menstrual periods, child bearing years and through the menopausal transition. 
Much like any other muscle, the pelvic floor muscles may present as weak, tight, over-stretched or painful for many reasons and at any life stage leading to dysfunction. These muscles are often thought to be the sole focus of physio but ‘everything is connected’ and we often need to assess and treat surrounding tissues, joints and nerves. 
Your current symptoms may stem from: pregnancy, child birth, surgery, injury, chronic constipation, lifting activities, high impact exercise, lifestyle factors, ageing, surgery, chronic conditions, hormone therapies… These factors are all assessed and considered during your appointment.

my why...

My pillars of purpose on social media and through the Nurture Pelvic Health platform.

Educating about Sexual Pain

As a Pelvic health practitioner, my passion lies in helping individuals gain access to information and management of concerns relating to pain and penetrative disorders.The heart behind “Pain to Pleasure“.

Move Africa

Eradicate Period Poverty

Period poverty should not be a reality, this issue is important and modifiable! I strive to work toward the goal of increasing access to sustainable resources for menstruators.Ft. Move Africa 

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Gender Based Violence

GBV a heart breaking and prevalent global concern, so much so that it is often easier to avoid the topic. I aim to continue to create awareness and work with like minded brands to alleviate the GBV burden on society.Partner: Sprint for Her SA #sprintforher

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