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What this is not…

This course is not a one size fits all approach to managing bladder symptoms, I don’t believe in that approach to care and even here, through online content, I want better than that for you! 

I put a lot of thought into what it meant to create a “method” or a “protocol”, that would certainly  be convenient but it’s not what works in practice, so.. it’s not going to work here. 

Instead, this is an opportunity for learning and empowerment, created in such way that you will be able to implement various changes into your unique context to change and enrich your current experiences. 

Sound Familiar?


  • Avoiding impact exercise 
  • Overwhelming urge to urinate
  • Running to the loo to avoid a leak
  • Avoiding laughing out loud
  • Avoiding long trips
  • Rushing to the loo every half hour
  • Avoiding places without bathrooms
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Waking up to urinate


It’s not just:

  • NO – its not “a normal part of ageing”
  • NO – its not “expected after vaginal delivery”
  • NO – its not “normal postpartum”
  • NO – its not “taboo”
  • NO – its not “shameful”
  • NO – its not “just about kegels!”


Empower through education!

  • IDENTIFY – what exactly are you experiencing 
  • ACKNOWLEDGE – what is the cause, what aggravates
  • ADAPT – what changes can you make,  what tools can you implement?

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Pee, Poo, Pleasure, Pain and Periods

Get to know Candice by listening to her feature on the MSH webinar.”I enjoy talking Pee, Poo, PLEASURE, Pain and Periods…and you can expect just that, open, honest & informative content. I want to address common concerns and start important conversations that are all too often ‘brushed under the rug’ (pun intended). I aim to do so in a light hearted and approachable manner where I encourage you to engage and interact as you journey through your own self discovery.”

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Holding Pelvic Skeleton


A Woman Giving the Talk

Who is Candice Jane Langford?

Candice Jane Langford is a UCT qualified Physiotherapist with a special interest in the niche market of pelvic and sexual health. In a world where no one talks about these supposed taboo topics, Candice is yelling from the roof tops and popping up on Instagram feeds, about everything; pee, poo, pleasure, pain and period related. Her goal; to empower through education whilst encouraging a shameless narrative on her Instagram platform @nurtureyourvagina. Here she shares an abundance of information, such as her “Quickies” videos, and runs regular webinars and exercise classes. When not treating patients (previously in her Ballito practice at Health Matters) in her new home *Cayman Islands or furthering her education in trauma, Candice either has her head stuck in neuroscience resources or one of the many brilliant pelvic/sexual health books out there. For pleasure (excuse the pun) she enjoys heading to the beach and capturing her well known “in case you haven’t seen the sea today” snapshots after a run or throwing a punch or two at her boxing instructor. You can join in the conversations you wish you’d had growing up (and may still cringe over) by following her IG page @nurtureyourvagina or checking out the rest of NurturePelvicHealth.com and help Candice on her mission to break down barriers and normalise the narrative in holistic pelvic & sexual wellbeing.
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